How Can I Make A Difference?

Discuss the possibility of tissue donation with your family members, and make sure that they understand that your wish is to be a donor after your own death.

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No medical tests are required, and it is not necessary to complete any additional forms.

Community Education

If you would like to arrange opportunities for community education in your area, please contact the CTE coordinator in your area for support:

  • Organisations, Churches or Schools
  • Tertiary Institutions, Colleges or Universities
  • Festivals, Expos or Awareness Days
  • Corporate Wellness Days

Volunteer – How Can I Help?

Should you wish to volunteer your time and undergo training to actively assist with donor awareness in your own area, please contact the Organ Donor Foundation on their Toll Free line: 0800 22 66 11 or email

Download PDF brochures:

Financial Support

Centre for Tissue Engineering, as an entity within an academic institution, operates on a not-for-gain basis. Besides the day-to-day running of the organisation, the Centre for Tissue Engineering places great value on a few fundamental aspects for which funding is necessary, including:

  • Research & improvement of processes
  • Ongoing donor awareness programs and collaborations
  • Training of students who may want to follow a career in tissue engineering
  • Maintenance of clean room facilities and upgrading of equipment

Should you wish to make a financial contribution to assist the Centre for Tissue Engineering in these endeavours, the following options are available to you:-


Annual walks are held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban
to drive Organ and Tissue awareness and to encourage public participation

Organ Donor Month - August

National Transplant Day – 3 December

Donor Tribute Days